Different Types of Mobile Elevated Working Platforms

Construction and warehousing are now made easy thanks to the help of mobile elevated working platforms. These access machines help people to work on those hard to reach, high work areas. Basically, there are two kinds of access machines – the boom lift and the vertical lift.

No matter which machine you use, it is essential to install a beacon light before using any equipment. Below are the different types of mobile elevated platforms and when they are used.

Push Around Vertical

This is a type of vertical lift are ideal for low-level access such as small factories and warehouses. Because it is smaller compared to other lifts, they are perfect to use indoors to replace ladders or steps. They are also relatively lighter which makes them easier to move through aisles and narrow doorways. Along with this, you can use LED flashing beacon lights for assuring the safety of the worker in the workplace. It also serves as an additional light source when working in the dark.

Mast Lift

A mast lift is a type of boom lift machinery. Similar to push around verticals, they are also small and can be easily maneuvered through smaller spaces. If you want an access mechanism that can be used on low levels and tight or busy environments, a mast lift suits your needs. Mast lifts are usually used on retail shops, offices, and other buildings that cannot be easily accessed by other equipment.

Scissor Lift

Scissor lifts belong to the vertical lift type. They are huge and have a wider platform for workers. These platforms have guard rails around to keep the workers safe. Although it can be used on wide indoors spaces, they are usually used outdoors during construction.

Articulating Boom Lift

This type of boom lift allows great access and a wider range of movement. It can move around obstacles and can reach higher areas with its extended reach. It has been a practical choice for construction or even warehouse workers.

Stick Boom Lift

This one is also known as a telescopic boom. Just like the articulating boom lift, it also offers a great amount of movement for the workers. However, unlike the previous one which extends sideward, this one has layers that extend further on the direction of the boom just like a telescope. It has a platform that can extend sideward, offering more working area for workers.

Track Mounts

Also known as spider lifts, these are perfect to use on uneven grounds since they are mounted. They are also perfect to use on stairs or steep inclines. They are not made for low-level access due to their size and mechanism but could really offer extended height and reach.

Truck Mounts

Since they can be mounted on a vehicle, they are perfect to use on multi-location work areas. They can be used even when still mounted on the vehicle which makes it more convenient. Before using any access machine, make sure that it meets the requirements for work and height regulations to be assured of your workers’ safety.


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